Earthly Burdens

“Atlas making an unfortunate mistake…but then, don’t we all?” 


The Salesman

“St. Frumentius of Tyre … delivered Christianity to Ethiopia. I wonder if they thanked him…”

I Knew That Feeling So Well Then….


“…eucalyptus trees in the Piedmont Hills. Sounds of the inter-urban trains, the key route on a late afternoon. Melancholy. The chill of a hearse, a funeral cortege moving up Piedmont Avenue, formerly, Cemetery Avenue. Imagine. The whine of a peanut wagon. The Iceman, and ice chips. Chewing tar from paving wagons. The view of the magic city from the fronts of ferry boats. Tossing bread to the gulls, and their cries. I’m not sure of the thought here, except that this is not a journal. And I would like to see an ice man.”