The First Surrealist

“There have been so many deaths in recent years. I scan the obits along with the funny papers… And each death, a novel.”


Self Portrait

“Where do stories begin? I was merely there, in some kind of story, like everyone else, perhaps a bit player in other people’s stories. I suppose I became my own story without really thinking about it.”

A Foggy While

“Sounds: The Summer fogs. And foghorns when the wind is right, bringing to our hill the lingering lament from Angel Island, and beyond. Once in a while (a foggy while) a series of sounds — four, five, six – probably a nervous tanker headed down from the Contra Costa refineries? The wind must be just right. Usually night. Or early morning.”

Painter? Me?

“Oil, pastels and watercolor. My energy goes into that. I have had a good month…still sort of embarrassed at the idea of a show– even sharing with another painter. Painter? Me? Influenced, these days, by Klee.”